The Detroit Tigers Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Yesterday, the Detroit Tigers went out and acquired starting pitcher, Anibal Sanchez, and Omar Infante, from the Miami Marlins. In return the Marlins received the Tigers top prospect Jacob Turner and two other prospects. The Tigers already had one of the best rotations in baseball, largely due to Justin Verlander, but you can never have too much pitching. The Tigers also had a glaring need at second base and Infante should help that a ton. The Marlins are also unlikely to make the post-season and Sanchez is a free agent at the end of the year. Continue reading


Could Giancarlo Stanton Be One Of The Greatest Power Hitters Ever?

I originally got the idea for this article after browsing through FanGraphs’ leaderboards. I have always been a huge fan of Stanton and knew that he had immense power. I wanted to see exactly how good it is so I began playing with the leaderboards. I wanted to see where he stacked up against others his age and to see how good he could become. The rest of the article is after the jump, enjoy! Continue reading

The Miami Marlins Make a Move

Yesterday the Miami Marlins agreed to a trade that would send them Houston Astro Carlos Lee in return for two of their top prospects. The Marlins were in need of a first baseman but in my opinion Lee is hardly an upgrade. As of today he’s only accumulated .2 WAR through 277 plate appearances. Continue reading

2012 Outlook: Miami Marlins

The 2011 season was one the Marlins could not wait to see end.  Their best hitter slumped then got hurt, while their best pitcher only made nine starts before injuries shut him down.  Their closer ended up getting caught with a false name and their left fielder got demoted for immature remarks and bad priorities.  With a new ballpark, new uniforms, new manager, and three major free agent acquisitions, the team is poised to greatly improve on their 72-win season. Continue reading

Introducing New Miami Marlin: Jose Reyes

Yesterday it was announced that the Marlins made their first big splash before moving into Sun Life stadium for 2012 and beyond. The Marlins and Reyes agreed to a 6 year deal worth $106 million dollars. The Marlins headed into the off-season ready to spend money. Reyes, just happens to be one of the best players available and quite frankly one of the best players in all of baseball. Right from the start the Marlins set their eyes on Reyes and in the end got their guy. Why would they want a star shortstop when they already have one though? Like I said, he’s one of the best players in baseball.He’s also had a very similar career to Hanley Ramirez.

Since 2005 Ramirez has had the slightly better walk rate but Reyes is striking out at a better rate then Ramirez. Hanley’s power is much better then Reyes’ as well but Reyes still has above average power. Overall it looks like Hanley is better offensively but their WARs since 2005 (Hanley’s rookie year) are pretty much the same. The slight difference in WAR comes from Hanley’s poor defensive play and Reyes’ above average play at shortstop. For his career Ramirez has a career UZR of -44.1, which is horrible to say the least. On the other hand Reyes is a much better defender, his career UZR is 13.5.

Reyes does come with his share fair of injury concerns though. The last three seasons he’s played in only only 265 games but in those 265 games he has totaled 9.9 WAR, the majority of that came from this past season where he totaled 6.2 WAR. The last time he played over 150 games was in 2008. Dispite the injury concerns he’s been worth $134.5 million dollars since he came up in 2003, meaning he should be able to have a good shot at being worth his $106 million dollar deal, especially since he’s only had one season of his prime. This past season 1 WAR was worth roughly $4.5 million dollars. Let’s take a look at this chart to see the potential value the Marlins should get out of Reyes.

Assuming Reyes plays up to his potential he should give the Marlins $8.75 million dollars of extra value during the life of his contract.

The Marlins line-up was already pretty solid before Reyes arrived. Stanton, Bonafacio, Morrison and Sanchez all had wOBAs over .340. If Ramirez was healthy he also would be on that list. With Reyes they get more speed in the line-up, a potential .360-.370 wOBA player and a stud on defense. Ramirez will more than likely move to third base but with the upgrade Reyes gives you defensively it’s a smart move.

The Marlins offense seems ready for a good year, especially if prospect Matt Dominguez is ready to contribute during the year although it seems much more likely that he’ll be ready for 2013. If the Marlins add a starting pitcher or two (They offered Mark Buehrle a 3 year deal worth $36-$39 mil) they could be ready to content in the NL East. The Marlins are for sure ready for a new era to start in Sun Life stadium.

Marlins, Reyes Agree to Deal.

There are reports everywhere that Reyes are on the cusp of a 6 year deal worth between $109 and $111 million dollars, if the reports are indeed true this is a great deal for the Miami Marlins. Look out for a post in the coming days.