About the Authors


My name’s Alex, I’m the founder of this blog and I am a high school graduate, and start my Freshman year of college in the fall. When I’m not going to school, listening to music, playing sports or hanging out with my friends, I am doing something baseball related. I first discovered sabermetrics during my sophomore year and have been hooked ever since. This blog is to help share what I love with people throughout the internet.


My name is Lee and I am a graduate of Winona State (MN) University, with a degree in mathematics and statistics.  I also played 4 years of baseball there, with most of the time there as a LOOGY.  I also played with the Division 2 National Player of the Year in 2007.  I started collecting cards and reading sports almanacs when I was 5 years old, but didn’t get into sabermetrics until reading Moneyball in 2007.  I am a huge Braves fan and cannot wait to get this past September out of my head.

Tim Nicodemus

My name is Tim Nic and I am a Wake Forest, Calloway Schools of Business graduate in Finance. I am taking a year of service to work in the business department of a Christian school in New Mexico, but will return to North Carolina to attend UNC-Charlotte’s Masters of Accounting program and pursue my CPA. I love reading about and watching baseball (go Yankees and Nationals!), watching Wake Forest sports, running and playing on my computer. Reach out to me if you have any finance/accounting, fantasy baseball, or sabermetric questions. Email is timnicodemus3@gmail.com and Twitter is @timnicodemus.


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