For a More Perfect Website

Due to Alex and I wanting to be more baller, we have decided to move SaberAnalysis to a ‘blogspot’ site. Please note:

1. This will allow us to add graphs and spreadsheets more cleanly and accurately. The hope is that you will be able to learn more and enjoy our analysis through the use of additional media items. Not every article will utilize them, but overall the quality of articles should be improved with these additions.

2. Blogspot decided to credit Alex with writing every article. Not only is this an egregious infringement of intellectual property, but it also proves that you may need to bear with us as we adjust to the new blog interface. Also, I can now take credit for only my good articles. All the bad ones were definitely from him.

3. Thank you for your readership! Seriously, this WordPress blog has received traffic from all over the world. It is humbling to be a part of something  much larger than myself. Tell all your friends and join us on the ‘new’ blog.

New link:

Finally, here is a collection of four different Mike Trout highlights. You are infinitely welcome.


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