Top 50 Free Agents

Instead of doing an off-season outlook for a team today I am going to post the top 50 free agents and where I think they will sign.


Albert Pujols: St. Louis Cardinals Others: Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals

Jose Reyes: Milwaukee Brewers Others: Detroit Tigers

Prince Fielder: Texas Rangers Others: Seattle Mariners

C.J. Wilson: Texas Rangers Others: New York Yankees, New York Mets, Washington Nationals

Good Players:

Carlos Beltran: Boston Red Sox

Jimmy Rollins: Philedelphia Phillies

Hiroki Kuroda: Los Angeles Dodgers

Roy Oswalt: Washington Nationals

Edwin Jackson: Boston Red Sox

David Ortiz: Toronto Blue Jays

Aramis Ramirez: Colorado Rockies


Mark Buehrle: Chicago White Sox

Coco Crisp: Toronto Blue Jays

Michael Cuddyer: Atlanta Braves

Jonathan Papelbon: Texas Rangers

Josh Willingham: Minnesota Twins

Javier Vasquez: Retire

Carlos Pena: Chicago Cubs

Kelly Johnson: Toronto Blue Jays

Role Players:

Ryan Madson: Philedelphia Phillies

Grady Sizemore: Tampa Bay Rays

David DeJesus: Baltimore Orioles

Erik Bedard: Boston Red Sox

Heath Bell: San Diego Padres

Ramon Hernandez: Minnesota Twins

Raefal Furcal: St. Louis Cardinals

Chris Capuano: New York Mets

Clint Barmes: Chicago White Sox

Fransisco Rodriguez: Milwaukee Brewers

Paul Maholm: Washington Nationals

The Rest:

Jason Kubel: Los Angeles Dodgers

Freddy Garcia: New York Yankees

Cody Ross: Florida Marlins

Aaron Hill: Arizona Diamondbacks

Darren Oliver: Texas Rangers

Jamey Carrol: Los Angeles Dodgers

Casey Kotchmen: Tampa Bay Rays

Johnny Damon: Retire

Jeff Francis: Houston Astros

Jim Thome: Retire

Ramon Santiago: New York Mets

Bartolo Colon: Los Angeles Angels

Nick Punto: St. Louis Cardinals

Joe Nathan: New York Mets

Mark Ellis: Colorado Rockies

Jason Marquis: Pittsburgh Pirates

Frank Fransisco: Cleveland Indians

Bruce Chen: Kansas City Royals

Andruw Jones: New York Yankees

Jon Garland: Minnesota Twins

List taken from Fangraphs.



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  1. really? you think david ortiz will leave boston? i so hope not.

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