Alex Gordon is really good.

For those that don’t know Alex Gordon is having a really good season for the Kansas City Royals. Everyone knew Gordon has all the talent in the world and expected him to be a stud right away. Obviously that didn’t happen but he finally may be starting to put it together if this year is any indication.

So far Gordon has produced a 4.9 WAR, putting him at 13th overall in the league for batters. Not only is he putting up a solid WAR, he’s also posting a .384 wOBA good for 20th overall and 10th in the American League. His wRC+ is a solid 142 meaning he’s created 42% more runs then league average, good for 22nd overall.

Gordon also has a good eye at the plate, striking out only 19.1% of the time and walking 9.4% of the time. His BABIP is a little concerning as it currently sits at .368 which is clearly an unsustainable number so he could see his numbers take an little hit but that doesn’t take away the fact that he’s been very solid. His .194 ISO is also something good to see. UZR isn’t a huge fan of him in the infield but in the outfield he seems to be better posting a 1.5 UZR last year and a 5.7 UZR this year. That’s still a small sample size and UZR is best looked at in 3 year intervals.

Overall, Alex Gordon is a very solid player and if he can keep it up as he enters his prime then the Royals will have a nice veteran presence with all of their young studs slowly making their way to the majors. The Royals future looks bright if they can put it together.


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