For a More Perfect Website

Due to Alex and I wanting to be more baller, we have decided to move SaberAnalysis to a ‘blogspot’ site. Please note:

1. This will allow us to add graphs and spreadsheets more cleanly and accurately. The hope is that you will be able to learn more and enjoy our analysis through the use of additional media items. Not every article will utilize them, but overall the quality of articles should be improved with these additions.

2. Blogspot decided to credit Alex with writing every article. Not only is this an egregious infringement of intellectual property, but it also proves that you may need to bear with us as we adjust to the new blog interface. Also, I can now take credit for only my good articles. All the bad ones were definitely from him.

3. Thank you for your readership! Seriously, this WordPress blog has received traffic from all over the world. It is humbling to be a part of something  much larger than myself. Tell all your friends and join us on the ‘new’ blog.

New link:

Finally, here is a collection of four different Mike Trout highlights. You are infinitely welcome.


Tom Tango Would Like a Word

Actually, more like he wants smart, observant baseballing enthusiasts (such as this readership) to help in his annual crowd-sourcing project. In a nutshell, ‘crowd-sourcing’ is using the collective intellect of a group to arrive at a reasonable conclusion. By using a large sample size of entries, the variance (of extreme answers) is reduced and meaningful data can be gathered. He explains it better than me, that is why HE is well-known Tom Tango and I am aggressively-good-looking-but-unknown Tim Nicodemus, so just follow the link and help him out. And for the love of goodness, somebody do the Padres.

You may now return to your baseball-watching, blog-reading, cigar-smoking lives. If you are into that kind of thing.

A Look At The “Other” Rookies – Pitchers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve known that Los Angeles Angels outfield phenom Mike Trout has been tearing up baseball. Bryce Harper of the Nationals had a hot stretch but has since cooled off. Those aren’t the only rookies who are playing this year though. There are a ton of rookie pitchers this year that deserve to be talked about. In this piece I will be talking about three pitchers who are working on their first full year in the big leagues. Continue reading

Fantasy Friday: Buy and Sell

With most leagues ending in a few weeks, now is NOT the time to be sitting idly by and not making moves. Last week, I covered generic strategies for whatever position you find your teams. This week I want to look at various players that you all requested and/or I have been interested in recently. Don’t forget to send me Fantasy questions over twitter (@timnicodemus) or email ( Who is a good pick? Who should get dropped? Answers, jokes, and wOBA to follow. Continue reading

Fantasy Friday: Post-Trade Deadline Strategies

Much like empires, stock markets, and the Vengaboys (obscure Europop reference, ftw), baseball players have their ups and downs. Because of this volatility, fantasy owners are stuck w0rrying about what lineup will get them the most points. In my experience, this problem is exacerbated after the Trade Deadline, ie when the playoff races start for fantasy leagues. Seriously, if you did not realize that your league ends before the MLB regular season ends either: 1. You have a commissioner that needs to learn about fantasy sports or 2. You really need to start paying attention. In other words, now is the time that a lot of fantasy owners make moves in order to get in better position for a run in the playoffs. This post is going to discuss general strategies for each position and throw in some players that should be considered or avoided. Let the playoff hunt begin! Continue reading

The Twins Have Found a Diamond In The Rough

It’s no secret that the Minnesota Twins’ pitching staff is having a horrendous season. Their 4.69 FIP is last in the American League and is only ahead of the Colorado Rockies 4.70 FIP. Overall there isn’t much to be excited about when a Twins pitcher takes the mound. Recently that has changed though. In 2010 the Twins selected starting pitcher, Scott Diamond. Diamond was with the Braves at the time of his selection. As spring training was coming to a close the Twins traded relief pitcher Billy Bullock to Atlanta, and that allowed them to send Diamond to the minors. Diamond struggled in the seven games he started last year, but this year has been a whole different story. Continue reading

A Tale Of Two Similar Pitchers

Here are two pitchers that have both pitched for the same team. Which pitcher would you rather have on your team? Since 2009 one of them has struggled but before then he was extremely productive. The other pitcher debuted in 2006 and is currently one of the best pitchers in baseball. Here are their stats:

Pitcher A (2002-2009):

K%: 18.80% BB%: 6.90% HR/FB: 9.30% GB%: 43.2%

ERA: 3.81 FIP: 3.83 xFIP: 4.00 WAR: 31.3

Pitcher B (2006-2012):

K%: 21% BB%: 6.50% HR/FB: 7.50% GB%: 33.6% 

ERA: 3.19 FIP: 3.59 xFIP: 4.04 WAR: 27.4

If you haven’t figured out who they are yet, you’ll find out after the jump. Continue reading

Here Ye, Here Ye: Major Announcement Edition

When Alex and I met a couple of weeks ago in Minnesota, we discussed potential ideas for SaberAnalysis. Do not worry, faithful readership; we are both very much firmly involved in this blog. Rejoice, faithful readership, for we have two new weekly series coming your way. Both will be decidedly sabermetrical in perspective. Both will be interesting (I hope) and are designed to teach all of us more about baseball. Most importantly, I envision BOTH of these being driven by you, faithful readership.  Continue reading

Andrew McCutchen and His Historic BABIP

After having a career year last season Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder, Andrew McCutchen, was rewarded with a hefty pay raise. So far he’s right where he left off last season. His 5.9 WAR is already more than the 5.7 WAR that he produced last season. His slash numbers are also currently career highs: .373/.432/.632. He’s been nothing short of epic. He’s had help though as evidence of his extremely high BABIP. As of today it is currently a robust .423. Where does that compare among others in history? How likely is it that he can maintain a high BABIP the rest of the way? Continue reading