Aaron Hill Rides the Bi-cycle

Please excuse the lame wordplay title (wordplay is fun!) and listen to this piece of truth: Aaron Hill made history last night. If your first questions is, “Tim, who the hell is Aaron Hill?”, you can join most MLB fans in being duly surprised that a random role player is getting so much press. What is more surprising is that Mr. Hill has now hit for the cycle in two games in the same calender month. How rare is this? The only other player to do so hit two cycles in the same week in 1883. He is also only the second player since 1900 to hit two cycles in the same season (Babe Herman in 1931 for those of you keeping score at home). How rare is the cycle? If he hits one more IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER he will be tied for the most all time. Ludicrous.

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Taking a look at Trevor Bauer and Andrew Cashner’s Starts

Yesterday highly touted prospect Trevor Bauer made his major league debut. He was the number three pick in last year’s draft and has been flying through the Arizona Diamondback’s farm system ever since. He wasn’t the only pitcher joining a rotation though. San Diego Padres pitcher Andrew Cashner also got the call to the majors yet nobody paid any attention to him. Dave Cameron took a look at both pitchers in this article yesterday. I was curious to see how both fared so let’s take a look.

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Top 100 Right Now: Summary

Well, at least we got this done by the All-Star Break…  Looking back on the list, there are already a ton of mistakes, but that’s how these go.  Here is the full list:

1 Evan Longoria 35 Kevin Youkilis 68 Brett Gardner
2 Troy Tulowitzki 36 Cole Hamels 69 Jonathan Papelbon
3 Joey Votto 37 Jon Lester 70 John Axford
4 Miguel Cabrera 38 Giancarlo Stanton 71 Desmond Jennings
5 Roy Halladay 39 Tim Lincecum 72 Doug Fister
6 Justin Verlander 40 Matt Cain 73 Chase Utley
7 Jose Bautista 41 Jered Weaver 74 Chris Carpenter
8 Albert Pujols 42 Brandon Phillips 75 Alex Gordon
9 Dustin Pedroia 43 Carlos Gonzalez 76 Yadier Molina
10 Matt Kemp 44 Shane Victorino 77 Mat Latos
11 Cliff Lee 45 Joe Mauer 78 Howie Kendrick
12 Adrian Gonzalez 46 Brett Lawrie 79 Jay Bruce
13 Ryan Braun 47 Alex Rodriguez 80 Joel Hanrahan
14 Robinson Cano 48 Matt Wieters 81 Anibal Sanchez
15 CC Sabathia 49 Hunter Pence 82 Matt Garza
16 Felix Hernandez 50 Hanley Ramirez 83 Buster Posey
17 Justin Upton 51 Adam Wainwright 84 Alexei Ramirez
18 Clayton Kershaw 52 Mike Napoli 85 Gavin Floyd
19 Ben Zobrist 53 Madison Bumgarner 86 David Wright
20 Ryan Zimmerman 54 James Shields 87 John Danks
21 Andrew McCutchen 55 Mariano Rivera 88 Carlos Beltran
22 Matt Holliday 56 David Price 89 Josh Beckett
23 Ian Kinsler 57 Jose Reyes 90 Corey Hart
24 Dan Haren 58 C.J. Wilson 91 Yunel Escobar
25 Adrian Beltre 59 Yovani Gallardo 92 Ubaldo Jimenez
26 Prince Fielder 60 Carlos Santana 93 Lance Berkman
27 Curtis Granderson 61 Craig Kimbrel 94 Miguel Montero
28 Zack Greinke 62 Rickie Weeks 95 Jayson Werth
29 Pablo Sandoval 63 Mark Teixeira 96 B.J. Upton
30 Josh Hamilton 64 Matt Moore 97 Nelson Cruz
31 Stephen Strasburg 65 Sean Marshall 98 Nick Swisher
32 Brian McCann 66 Justin Masterson 99 Gio Gonzalez
33 Josh Johnson 67 Daniel Hudson T100 Jordan Zimmermann
34 Jacoby Ellsbury T100 Michael Bourn

Here is the team breakdown:

ARI – 3 HOU – 0 PHI – 7
ATL – 3 KCR – 1 PIT – 2
BAL – 1 LAA – 5 SDP – 0
BOS – 5 LAD – 2 SEA – 1
CHC – 1 MIA – 5 SFG – 5
CHW – 4 MIL – 6 STL – 6
CIN – 5 MIN – 1 TBR – 7
CLE – 3 NYM – 1 TEX – 5
COL – 2 NYY – 8 TOR – 3
DET – 4 OAK – 0 WSN – 5

Here is the position breakdown:

C – 8 LF – 6
1B – 6 CF – 8
2B – 8 RF – 10
SS – 5 SP – 35
3B – 9 RP – 6

Here is the age breakdown:

22 – 3 30 – 8
23 – 2 31 – 12
24 – 4 32 – 4
25 – 6 33 – 5
26 – 9 35 – 2
27 – 7 36 – 2
28 – 20 37 – 1
29 – 15 42 – 1

I will leave it to you to find interesting tidbits among the tables.  Feel free to comment on any missed or horribly-placed player, along with any trend you see in teams, positions, and ages.

Jason Heyward, Back to His Old Self

Depending on where you stood, Atlanta Braves outfielder Jason Heyward was either the number one or two prospect heading into the 2010 season. He made the opening day roster and impressed right out of the gate. His 5.1 WAR for that season rank in the top 15 all-time for a season by a 20 year old. In no time the lofty comparisons arose, most notably by former Braves Manager Bobby Cox. Cox said that Heyward reminded him of Braves all-time great, Hank Aaron. That was a lofty comparison, but if anyone could live up to it, it was Heyward. After a great rookie year, Heyward struggled though but appears to be back this season. Let’s take a look at Heyward’s journey the past couple seasons and how he returned back to dominance. Continue reading

Poll: Who Would You Pick to Start Your Franchise?

Top 100 Right Now: #5-1

We have finally hit the end, showing the Top 5 players in the game.  You can find the explanation and origin of our list here.  After this post, there will be one last wrap-up post, showing how many players are on each team, position, and age.  As a (not-so) quick refresher, here are 100-6: Continue reading

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Kevin Youkilis Sent to the Chicago White Sox

Yesterday the seemingly inevitable happened. The Boston Red Sox finally parted ways with 1B/3B Kevin Youkilis after a flurry of rumors. In return the Red Sox received pitcher Zach Steweart and utility player Brent Lillibridge from the Chicago White Sox. Youkilis was struggling mightily for the Red Sox and Will Middlebrooks is ready to take over third base. On the flip side, the Chicago White Sox were in desperate need of a third baseman. Brent Morel was terrible and the Orlando Hudson experiment didn’t work out at all. It’s possible that a change of scenery is all that Youkilis needed. Continue reading

A PITCHf/x Look at Gio Gonzalez

After being acquired from the Washington Nationals, lefty Gio Gonzalez has been off to the best start of his career. Before this year Gonzalez was a solid pitcher and in 2010 he began to take off. During that time he has posted fWARs of 3.2 and 3.5 respectively. His FIP during those times was 3.78 and 3.64 which is considered above average. This year it’s a whole new story, he currently has 3.1 WAR to go with an excellent, yet highly unsustainable 2.07 FIP. His 2.97 xFIP and SIERA are identical, so even if Gonzalez runs into some regression he should still remain dominant. What’s the cause for the sudden change? More after the jump.

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Facebook Page

After much discussion, a new Facebook page for Saber Analysis is up and running! Please go there and ‘Like’ the page so you can get easy access to site updates, news, and blog posts. This will be another resource we will utilize to reach our readers and the general public. As always, comments and concerns are appreciated. Feel free to reach out to us on the FB page (facebook.com/SaberAnalysis), on Twitter (@SabrAnalysis), email (sabranalysis@gmail.com), in the comments section, or to any of the writers individually. Thank you for your continued support during this time of big change and growth!